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'We are Witnessing a Significant Evolution in How Electricity Suppliers Approach the Market'

Tsvety Kyoseva is the CEO of Methodia. She has extensive experience in senior management positions within international telecommunications and technology companies and is a facilitator and practitioner in the field of innovation.

In this insightful interview for Utilities Magazine, Tsvety shares her expertise on the future of the energy sector. She discusses significant reforms in European energy markets, such as the implementation of half-hourly settlement regulations aimed at enhancing transparency and efficiency. Tsvety also explains how the deployment of smart meters facilitates the development of new business models based on dynamic pricing and billing, leading to lower consumer bills and reduced environmental impact.

Tsvety also delves into the growing trend of decentralized energy trading enabled by blockchain technology, which allows for peer-to-peer transactions without traditional intermediaries. She emphasizes the critical role of digital transformation in the utility industry, mirroring advancements seen in the telecommunications sector, and the importance of providing consumers with real-time access to energy service information.

Furthermore, Tsvety highlights the benefits of bundled services, which not only enhance customer loyalty but also increase average revenue per client. She outlines effective strategies for optimizing energy costs for companies with multiple locations, including aggregated energy procurement and diversification of energy sources.

Throughout the interview, Tsvety answers key questions, such as:

Tsvety Kyoseva concludes by stressing the need for continuous skill enhancement and technological proficiency among energy professionals, which are vital for driving innovation and maintaining resilience in a rapidly evolving industry.

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