Identify your most valuable customers

Nurture client relationships and maximize their value with integrated sales and marketing campaigns in a CRM software for utility retail.


Configurable layout

Customizable design

Suitable for multiple home services

User-friendly UI

Integration with
other systems


Reconnect with your clients

Know your customers and keep good track record their contact information with a well-organized workspace. For your convenience and to fit different hierarchical levels and responsibilities the CRM dashboard can be configured with role-based views. Use notifications and alerts to remind you of scheduled appointments.

  • Specialized for utilities and telecom businesses
  • Build-in calendar and reminders
  • Data and documents storage capabilities


Automated sales process and messaging

Generate customized reports and analysis on sales performance to help you manage your sales team productively, increase customer engagement and convert opportunities into loyal clients. Stimulate better targeting with segmented lists and personalized messages using the built-in marketing templates creator.

  • Sales and customer activities automation
  • Quotes management
  • Marketing campaigns

Align your business to customers and new opportunities

Target and win qualified leads with one powerful sales and marketing solution. Promote personalized offerings and excellent customer services to your clients using Methodia’s CRM module for energy retailers, utilities and telecoms. Our industry know-how, technologies and 10+ years of specialized market experience will help enhance any utility’s customer support.


Create long-lasting client relationships

Differentiate your utility business and tariffs using our constantly evolving CRM product and its extensive features. It’s designed to help you acquire new clients and promote cross-selling and upselling opportunities to existing ones. Focus your energy retail efforts on winning market share, tracking your sales results, increasing revenues and driving brand loyalty with sales automation solution for utilities and engaging marketing campaigns.

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Our cutting-edge utility products come with years of industry expertise

With strong industry credentials and the diversity of customers we’ve had over the years, we leverage our know-how, hands-on experience, and solutions to provide significant value for your business.

  • Match your budget & infrastructure needs
  • Full automation of order-to-cash business processes
  • Consultancy, Training & Localization needed for your success
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