Gain more customers

Uncover customer preferences and potential with competitive utility offerings and engaging user experience. 

Adopt customer-driven utility products

Store your clients’ information and analyse their preferences to build their long-term loyalty to your brand

Master cross-selling capabilities

Track your customers’ behaviour & energy consumption to improve segmentation and lead generation campaigns

Excel at customer service

Improve client reviews and focus on a positive customer journey with user-friendly front-end utility products


Rising client expectations

Customer experiences are evolving along with new innovations in modern technology. Cloud-based SaaS solutions and real-time data are becoming extremely important to companies looking for instant access to client information.

The present customer-centric environment requires companies to implement cutting-edge business solutions to catapult them ahead of competitors. By automating main sales processes and effectively attracting and engaging qualified leads in your sales pipeline, you can stimulate revenues, cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Do you need better visibility on your customers and sales?


Capture customers' attention and meet new demands

Our 10+ years of market experience and scalable front-end and back-end utility solutions will help you understand client behavior and identify new opportunities for customer interactions and enhanced sales performance.

Our know-how and solutions extend across many industries:

Telecom and Broadband
Telecom & Broadband
Facility Management
TV Services
TV services
Insurance services
Security and Surveillance
Security &


Deliver high-quality customer experiences

With our sales and customer-driven products you can smoothly target and switch new clients to your business, provide energy quotes and manage competitive tariffs. Methodia’s CRM and Self-Service Portal will assist you with valuable insights into preferred and used utility services to deepen your customer interactions and cross-selling.

Embrace the user-friendly and highly flexible Customer Support Portal for energy retail to help you increase retention by responding to inquiries and complaints quicker. Comply with industry regulations adopting the right energy messaging, market strategy and utility management products.

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Customer Acquisition

Broker Portal
Customer Switching Portal

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Customer Services

Customer Self-Service Portal
Customer Support Portal
Customer Relationship Management


Unfold your business growth potential with outsourced support

Methodia’s professional services are an excellent addition to your business operations, allowing you to focus on core activities, while you grow in energy and utilities. Businesses that need profound assistance in certain daily activities, can complement their teams’ capacity with our full managed services.

Choose your own customised package of services:

Professional Utility Services
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