Lead the change with your heart

As a modern IT company operating in complex environments, we work proactively to leave a positive economic, social and environmental footprint through our business.


Inspired for a brighter future

You could read a lot about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and many of that reads would be true – in theory. However, we believe that though we are gathered in Methodia to do business, we remain real people in flesh and blood and that we have responsibilities as humans and citizens.

In Methodia we take our corporate responsibilities quite seriously. Our success lies within our people feeling inspired by their jobs and fulfilled in their careers. Our future looks brighter when more people are involved in the digital economy and prosper. And we know that to sustain our success we must protect our greatest resources: our people, our communities, our planet.


Committed to a greater good

It is our deep understanding that only together shall we elevate our employees, customers and partners to create positive change. We are truly dedicated to being innovators, leaders and contributors to a supportive and inclusive society and a healthy sustainable environment. It’s how we grow and succeed – respecting diversity, standing for human rights and equal opportunities for everyone, so that we can all thrive and endure.

Through our Methodia Heart Foundation we strive to make a positive impact on our society, taking part in relevant and noble social causes. We constantly encourage our employees to participate in social initiatives under the Methodia Heart’s patronage, and create our own special CSR activities.


Our Core Priorities

Understanding the importance of sustainability and building a socially responsible culture within the company is the only way we bring the good change to the world.


People can reach their full potential when they’re happy, inspired and given the right opportunities.


Society is stronger with everyone participating in and learning to build up on diversity.



It is our obligation to manage our natural resources responsibly and preserve them for the future generations.

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