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Excite your business clients with instant energy price quotes and expert consulting services using a powerful utility brokerage software.

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Energy broker portal dashboard tariffs


Manage quoting with a service mindset

The energy broker system is suitable for utility suppliers, energy consultants and brokers to quote services such as gas, electricity, water. Our B2B acquisition portal offers dashboard administration, great functionalities and customer status overview. Users can manage effortlessly detailed client information on invoicing, payments and energy quotes.


Run successful energy brokers

To drive more sales and keep track of progress, users with management assigned roles can create targets and tasks to their agents, as well as schedule notifications and alerts. You can accumulate automatically customer information from the broker portal into your CRM database, which will help you keep valuable sales data accurate and up-to-date. 

Energy Sales Agents Dashboard
Energy Contract Creation


Gain flexibility with price quotes and energy contract management

Gas and electricity contract management lifecycle is fully completed with the possibilities to create the agreement, manage contract renewals and configure the pricing rules. The ability to generate multi-site price quotes for utility suppliers and to build a sales pipeline for leads management is what makes the energy brokerage software a very powerful reseller tool


Accurate broker commission invoicing for utilities

Our objective to establish a transparent financial relationship between brokers and suppliers is centered around a dependable commission invoicing system for timely payments. To ensure accurate record-keeping, our innovative feature calculates commission fees based on invoice frequency and payment status, all while maintaining proper documentation for the services rendered.

Broker Commission Invoicing for Utilities

Service business clients with a value-added approach

Grow your utility business in B2B sales with a simple yet effective customer acquisition software. Methodia’s industry know-how, innovative digital management solutions and 10+ years of specialized market experience will help you improve your utility consultancy and customer services.


Win customers with fast and accurate energy quotes

Attract and engage your B2B customers with a deeper understanding of their consumption habits and demands. Our affordable sales solution, designed to fit to any supplier and broker’s requirements, provides custom-made features to optimize your quoting tasks, help you offer better savings to clients and efficiently manage account information. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The energy broker software offers comprehensive features like energy procurement, contract creation, commission management, real-time monitoring, and transaction settlement.

Absolutely, the software effectively manages broker services across multiple utility areas such as electricity, gas, water, telecom and insurance services.

Our software provides flexibility in billing structures, supporting both fixed-rate and variable-rate pricing models. Billing cycles can be customized based on the preferences of the utility supplier, with the most common options being monthly and quarterly cycles.

The software streamlines commission invoicing for utility suppliers, providing a seamless process for calculating and automatically distributing commissions owed to brokers.


Our cutting-edge utility products come with years of industry expertise

With strong industry credentials and the diversity of customers we’ve had over the years, we leverage our know-how, hands-on experience and solutions to provide significant value for your business.

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