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Expand your business in energy retail, telecom and other home services with innovative cloud-based products and professional services. Discover everything we have for your utility business management and growth.

The Complete Business Solution for Utilities

Utility & Telecom Suite


Enhance your workflow and increase customer loyalty

Our complete end-to-end utility management system is designed for energy retailers and utilities to help them optimize and automate their order-to-cash business processes, maximize profitability and improve their customer services. It also supports a white-label business model for companies looking to grow their revenues by adding utility services to their portfolio. 

Modular architecture

Front-end & back-end solutions

Configurable layout

Customizable design

User-friendly UI

BI and analytics tool

Integration with other systems


Explore our platform's benefits and features

Regardless of your company’s size, market experience and services, using Methodia’s specialized software for utilities you can transform your business model to become a sustainable gas, electricity, water or any home services retailer. Learn more about our fully customizable system and its great functionalities or get only the front-end and back-end products you need to boost your business growth.

Customer Acquisition

Easy and accurate utility and energy quoting process and real-time sales overview. Automated pricing, offer and contract generation. Client profile information and management. Designed for utility suppliers’ sales agents, brokers and energy consultants
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User- friendly switching form for your website, with automated pricing and energy savings calculator to help you bring unique user experience to your customers.
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Customer Services

Dashboard with full overview on invoices, payments, tariff plans and energy consumption. Automated online requests for new products & utility services. Mobile app is also available.
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Market segmentation and defining target groups. Customer pre-sales and after sales servicing. Creation and tracking of marketing campaigns. Products bundling through a single interface and consequent roll-out.
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Partners & Industry Interactions

Automated communications tool, designed to transfer information between suppliers and industry participants in retail Gas and Electricity markets. This market messaging process is essential to customer switching process, energy supply, meter readings submission and industry settlement processes.
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Forecasting, Profits & Cash flow

Complete batch and daily invoicing for all industries, enabling meter and sub-meter billing. Blockchain ledger technology and IoT cash management for utilities. Get real-time financial data overview and simplify your routine accounting duties with automated payments, invoices and reports generation. Configuration of financial periods and efficient cash flow management.
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A comprehensive financial tool with profound analytical and forecasting capabilities for planning and monitoring of company operations. Highest level of utilization of company’s resources and activities.

Analytics & Reporting

User-friendly information display and analytics on all business activities to support your strategies and decision-making. Configurable reports generation for complete utility operations overview.
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Processes Optimization & Automation

Optimization, automation and real-time visualization of all business operations. Design, execute and monitor your utility processes for better transparency and higher efficiency.
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Assets, Resources & Network Management

Enterprise Asset Management Module

Maximize utility business value with optimal life-time management of your resources. Use our mobile app for comprehensive planning and monitoring of procurement, roll-out and maintenance of all company assets.

Geographic Information System Module

Adopt superb visualization tool for data analysis on installed devices management support. Supporting workflow it provides a broader context for utility assets and resource management.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Module

Upgrade monitoring and maintenance of network installations using our visual component. Great optimization of costs related to distant metering of network elements and faults identification.

Workforce & Partners Management

Human Resources Efficiency Module

Improve operations efficiency with automated workforce management processes, related to performance goals, leadership and competences development within the company.


For better performance and tuned up business processes

Master Data Management

An architecture introducing a single point of entry for all data feeds where edits of core data between different modules are stored centrally.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Full-scale option for synchronization between internal users and roles, and such defined in external instances.

Fleet Management

Comprehensive tool for management and maintenance of all fleet park. Real-time event tracking and reporting of day-to-day activities.

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Our cutting-edge utility solutions come with years of industry expertise

With strong utility industry credentials and the diversity of customers we’ve had over the years, we leverage our know-how, hands-on experience and products to provide significant value for your business.

  • Match your budget & infrastructure needs
  • Full automation of order-to-cash business processes
  • Consultancy, Training & Localization needed for your success


Align technology with your business goals

Methodia has gained significant experience in efficient data migration, smooth integration with legacy systems, software implementation, setup and maintenance. Our trademarked Business Excellence methodology combined with Agile and Scrum software development, guarantee best-in-class customized solutions to all our utility clients.

Back-end development
  • Openbravo
  • Oracle Siebel CRM
  • Open ERP
  • VTiger CRM
  • SalesForce
  • SugarCRM
  • Openbravo
  • SAP
  • Junifer
  • Oracle Siebel CRM
  • LifeRay
  • Microservices
  • Cloud services
  • Monitoring (Zabbix)
  • Infrastructure as code (Terraform, Vagrant)
  • Configuration Management (Puppet, Ansible)
  • Continuous Deployment, Delivery, Integration (jenkins)
  • Java J2EE
  • C++
  • JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
  • Python
  • ZK UX
  • SmartClient UX
  • Rule Engine
  • BPM Scripting
  • Dreamfactory
  • Jasper
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