Get insights for more utility revenue opportunities

Collect and analyze data to develop personalized pricing strategies and service offerings to fit your customers’ demands.


Configurable layout

Customizable design

User-friendly UI


User-friendly data display

Reports generation

Integration with
other systems


A 360°overview on customers’ demands

Use our cutting-edge Business Intelligence & Reporting tool designed to visualize a holistic picture of your utility business information using multiple integrated data sources. The solution offers a customizable dashboard view with overall visual representation for data analytics purposes. It’s applicable for any size and type of business looking to grow in energy retail and utilities: from large, to medium and small enterprises. 

  • Database
  • Extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data processes (data warehouse)
  • User Interface (Dashboards, Reports, Cubes) and Administrator console


Real-time reporting for utilities

Accumulate and analyze data on business activities for agile decision-making and better use of existing resources. Use our advance utility Business Intelligence solution to combine relevant data in such way to help you analyze further and drill-down into your key performance metrics, energy consumption patterns and customers’ behavior. You have complete flexibility to create customizable reports for all internal departments’ needs, as well as for the management team’s specific requirements and meeting formats.

Gain utility cross-selling opportunities

Our industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology and 10+ years of experience in energy retail, utilities and home services help us tackle digital customer demands and specific business processes, empowering companies to drive client loyalty and efficient operations.


Turn valuable information into loyalty and profits

Rely only on relevant insights and data-driven decisions to build your utility business strategy and achieve efficiency. Our Business Intelligence & Reporting solution for energy retailers and utilities will help you increase clients’ satisfaction levels by identifying customer preferences and their potential value to your company. Implement a personalized approach in customer support that corresponds better to current utility market demands.

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Our cutting-edge utility products come with years of industry expertise

With strong utility industry credentials and the diversity of customers we’ve had over the years, we leverage our know-how, hands-on experience and solutions to provide significant value for your business.

  • Match your budget & infrastructure needs
  • Full automation of order-to-cash business processes
  • Consultancy, Training & Localization needed for your success
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