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Configurable Layout

Configurable layout

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Real-time data

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User-friendly UI

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Integrated energy billing for all market segments

Our utility billing solution is completely scalable to your retail business needs and future objectives for market expansion. Shorten the order-to-cash cycle, drive higher profits and avoid manual work by automating key financial activities and streamlining batch processes. The automated billing software is applicable for companies of all sizes, servicing business, residential and industrial customers. 


Live billing for efficient revenue management

Use a single platform to perform live, bulk and ad hoc utility billing operations, to manage your customers’ contracts and IoT cash flow. Minimize errors and reduce costs-to-serve with simultaneous invoicing of multiple services provided to your clients.  

Revenue management
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Increase payment tracking and cash collection rate

Our utility billing software’s flexible architecture supports accurate invoicing, better traceability and full visibility on performance. Reduce cash collection periods and gain financial control by defining relevant payment conditions and configuring automatic payments from your clients.


Easy utility invoicing of product bundles

Save time and resources by combining all customer charges in a single invoice: you can bill simultaneously bundles and multiple services (gas, electricity, water, fixed telephony, broadband, etc), products, discounts and devices used. The fully configurable and customizable billing solution helps you track charges and also meet your financial needs for higher efficiency.

Consolidated Invoicing in utility billing
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Impress with an excellent utility billing solution

Drive customer satisfaction with better and faster coordination between departments in addressing client billing issues and inquiries. Keep your customers informed on their financial status and remind them of pending invoices via email notifications.

Speed up invoicing and increase your cash flow

Rely on accurate billing while you focus your efforts on attracting and retaining customers. Engage your clients with personalized and completely automated utility billing approach, tailored to their consumption habits. Explore our planning and detailed data analytics tools to get precise assessment of all financial risks and meticulous calculations on essential costs.


Save time with accurate bills and automated processes

Make sure receivables come in before your payables so your business remains profitable and stable. Simplify daily accounting tasks, speed up invoicing processes and cut down expenses using our comprehensive billing software for utilities. Adding and charging gas, electricity, water, broadband and any other type of home service to your existing customers is just one of the many functionalities we provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the system’s versatility makes it an ideal solution for customization to meet the distinct billing requirements of companies across diverse industries with the company’s unique branding and identity.

The billing software boasts a comprehensive set of features including utility invoicing, meter data management, tariff management, customer data, account management, and more.

Our system provides Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing structures, offering utility companies a strategic approach to reduce electricity expenses for clients. Electricity costs vary based on peak or off-peak periods, incentivizing energy usage during times of lower demand, thereby improving the overall balance of the energy grid.

In contrast to traditional billing methods that aggregate consumption over extended periods, our half-hourly billing functionality offers a granular view. It captures usage data at 30-minute intervals, providing a more accurate utility invoice based on real-time consumption. This approach ensures consumers receive precise and transparent billing information.


Our cutting-edge utility products come with years of industry expertise

With strong utility industry credentials and the diversity of customers we’ve had over the years, we leverage our know-how, hands-on experience, and solutions to provide significant value for your business.

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