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Enterprise asset management software


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Configurable layout

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Enterprise asset Management - Reporting and Maintenance


Simplify your asset information process

Get actual information about the location of all company assets. Our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) module is designed to assist you with asset tracking and the control of maintenance costs by enhancing logistics and diagnostics planning for the gas and electricity power distribution networks. By implementing scheduled preventive maintenance based on specific requirements and equipment, you can extend the lifespan of your assets.


Work order management to monitor operations

Develop comprehensive and specific maintenance orders, taking into account the time frame and site of the tasks. Establish priorities based on the type of asset, each priority having an individual detailed guidelines to be executed by operators, technicians or other staff members.

Meter Reading Inspection Process
enterprise asset management mobile version


Effective asset management system at your fingertips

Enhance your business process by utilizing our AMM mobile version, granting you access from anywhere. This innovative asset management software revolutionizes the reporting of field activities associated with electricity and gas infrastructures, making them more convenient and efficient.

Enhance your business's value by implementing an efficient resource management system

Improve staff productivity by strategically assigning work orders based on priorities, resource capabilities, and other important criteria. Implementing effective workforce management practices not only streamlines operations, but also yields substantial cost reductions and revenue growth.


Streamline your utilities asset management

The enterprise asset management system facilitates comprehensive planning and monitoring of assets’ state, while identifying opportunities for utility optimization. This module plays a crucial role in assisting organizations to maximize the potential of their assets and achieve their operational goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The EAM module provides comprehensive planning and monitoring of procurement, roll-out, and maintenance of all company assets, ensuring optimal lifetime management to maximize business value.

The main functionalities of our enterprise asset management module, include the management of essential information about single elements, maintenance of installed equipment and their components, and recording details about new network construction and equipment installation.

The EAM module automates planning, assignment, and tracking of maintenance and service tasks. It generates reports like meter readings and gas balance, enabling monthly and territory-based task planning with detailed record-keeping, enhancing overall utility asset management.

Efficiently handling installation and de-installation tasks, the EAM module oversees new network construction projects and equipment installations. It contributes to gas balance report generation by calculating natural gas quantities for filling, breakdowns, or scheduled repairs, ensuring comprehensive reporting for utility companies.


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