Grow your profits

Embrace advanced capabilities for real-time automated billing. Get intelligent forecasting and reporting tools to drive your successful business strategy.

Improved billing accuracy

Automate payments and invoices, enhance cash flow management, minimise errors

Always on top of financial figures

Trust in simplified, comprehensive overviews for complete visibility and fast reporting

Data-led decisions and analyses

Gain real-time insights and notifications on financial information and investments 


Seeking powerful billing

Faster payments, real-time data and instant notifications, automated efficient invoice generation…Technological developments are changing the way billing is performed.

Companies are rushing to invest in smart billing systems that integrate different information sources, improve sales results and save valuable time and money. In addition, customers are increasingly demanding risk management and financial forecasting solutions, combined with new planning methods.

Do you feel pressured in this multi-tasking environment to keep a good track of all your financial activities?


Perfect your forecasting by understanding data

Leveraging 10+ years of industry experience helped us develop data-driven financial solutions that improve efficiency and provide accurate assessment of risks, revenues and profits. Introducing automated reports and precise financial calculations on essential and prospective costs, Methodia’s tools are suitable to both utilities and non-utility companies, aiming to excel in household services industries.

We have expertise and successful partnerships across verticals:

TV services
Security &


Optimise costs and increase profits with intelligent financial tools

If your company is trying to achieve comprehensive budgeting analyses, our cutting-edge Billing software can help you boost accounting operations and revenues. Now it’s easy to offer a personalized invoicing and payment approach, precisely tailored to your clients’ energy consumption habits.

Want to reduce and manage better risks? Our Planning module tracks predefined business tasks, giving real-time data and alerts on financial information and investments.

The Business Intelligence & Reporting solution is an essential tool, which collects and analyzes data on operational activities to make better use of existing resources. The module assists in the development of responsive pricing strategies and service offerings to your customers’ needs.


Upgrade your performance and customer satisfaction

To businesses that need even further assistance we offer a custom package of end-to-end activities support that seamlessly complement your business operations.

Choose your own set of managed services to support your company’s daily actions:

  • Business Consulting
  • Back-office Operations
  • Technical Services
  • Customer support
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