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Methodia's Billing system offers a robust, innovative and user-friendly functionalities that handle the recurring billing processes, receivable statements, credit checks, provisioning, customer care, support and more. Some of the main features of the system include: User-friendly tool - the application is designed in an easy to use and navigate manner. The GUI resembles that of traditional paper accounting and I believe it will be easy and stress-free to train staff to use the application. The layout is simple however behind the scenes complex functions comprise the original implementation. Invoicing and billing – invoices are created with auto-fill elements and there is ability to share and review invoices via e-mail or PDFs. There is also an option for time billing, which is a very important feature when the company bills for their services by the time worked. The invoice follow up section – the billing element – contains ability to track overdue invoices and to accept various payment methods.

• Electronic submission and verification of payments - the correct charge application, taxes and discounts for payments are part of this feature. This can interface directly with other providers depending on the type of the business conducted.

• Electronic tracking of payments - the electronic tracking of payment process is designed in a completely transparent way to everyone involved in this process. All details are tracked in the payment process, as well as the ability to log and communicate every action enlisted in order to get the bill/payment fulfilled.

• Comprehensive accounting/billing reports - this functionality represents at-a-glance feature for displaying billing reports. The ease in which these reports can be queried and accessed is another indicator of the system robustness. All reports can be printed and converted in the most used formats.

• Rejection analysis in real time displaying clear error codes - Error codes is displayed in clear, concise language, not just as confusing letters and numbers. This feature enables users to immediately resolve problematic bills by attending to these rejected bills. This can also propel users to analyze the reasons for the rejection and the necessary processing details, etc. Not only does this feature enable scrutiny of the rejection, but it also helps the user to prevent ongoing and repeatable problems in payment rejections. This results in more timely payments and gives the practices an opportunity to monitor red flags as they arise and to consider types of self-audits.

• Integration of co-payments into scheduling features - This enables integration and management of co-payments into the scheduling system. This innovative dual scheduling function helps avoid un-billable encounters and makes it easier to collect payments.

• Billing codes pulled directly from the existing documentation/tables - This automated feature can pulling the billing codes directly from the documentation with charge levels automatically generating from the database.

• Error checks – pre-billing checks take place to ensure that all information is correctly entered. In addition, flags are being set on account that may be missing information specific to certain payers allowing staff to make proper corrections.

• Server monitoring, backups, and data recovery - robust server monitoring, frequent backups and ample data recovery processes are part of this feature. Prevention is always the best measure and a system should be firmly in place for server monitoring and backups. Trained IT engineers are responsible for all these working properly and that backups are being performed daily.

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