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Methodia 360 Utility is a fully integrated solution that is designed from day one to handle all standard business processes in every utility company. It comprises of multiple modules based on a comprehensive technological and functional platform that aimed at providing a 360 degree view over the company’s processes.

Methodia 360 Utility Processes Suite is recognized to be the business processes’ orchestrator that provides tailor-made technological integration between services and solutions. It is the ultimate back-end management tool for companies that have complex IT technology landscapes and are in an economy of scale phase, so that constant improvements in workflows are feasible. These business customers are eager to improve their efficiency and now can accomplish this as faster as possible with minimum internal efforts and resources, only with one holistic solution. The solution is distributed in the following modules:

Business Benefits:
• Gained a real time view of customers
• Faster responses to customer inquiries
• Built trust and loyalty
• Accurately segmented and targeted audiences with the best marketing treatments
• Enhanced all customer service and satisfaction metrics , sales and marketing
• Reduced operational costs
• Enhanced operational efficiency and improved processes
• Gained better insight and control of receivables, payments, and other financial processes
• Mitigated Risks
• Helped the reduction of billing errors and customer complaints
• Enhanced reporting and data access
• Increased ROI
• Helped tapping into any potential challenges, risks, opportunities for savings
• Automated the administrative tasks

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