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There are various HR and leadership programs offered to all levels in the organization and designed to attract, develop, and retain high-potential individuals. Focus is on developing leaders, leadership skills, skills to influence others, and talent acquisition.

Other programs feature Compensation, Employee Relations and Retention, as well as additional courses, which are intended to demonstrate best practices and competencies in the industry. Some of Methodia's training offerings include:

I. Management Courses

1. Budgeting
2. Building trust
3. Guiding discussion to get results
4. Keeping on Track and on Time
5. The mark of a leader
6. Self-empowerment - managing from within
7. Leadership skills
8. Mentoring
9. Building effective team relationship
10. Valuing differences
11. Transformational coaching
12. Strategic thinking for managers
13. Ethics and risks - why they matter in project success
14. Managing conflict
15. Cost accounting decisions
16. Project planning
17. Presenting to succeed
18. Budget Basics
19. Organizational scope of critical thinking
20. Coaching Personalities and Teams
21. Virtual team management
22. Managing high-performers.
23. Executive leadership
24. The power of the learning organization
25. Communication etiquette
26. Dealing with conflicts in the workplace
27. Communication skills for successful management
28. Motivate and recognize staff
29. Building trust
30. Finance essentials
31. Organizational communication
32. Change management – skill for change agents


1. BE Overview
2. Introduction to Six Sigma
3. Six Sigma DMAIC
4. Six Sigma – Green Belt Foundation
5. Six Sigma – Black Belt Foundation
6. Design for Six Sigma
7. Lean Six Sigma
8. Statistical tools I
9. Statistical tools II
10. Black Belt advanced tools
11. Properties and Application of Probability Distribution
12. Change management
13. Lean solutions
14. Validation and Verification


1. Planning strategic IT projects
2. Oracle – all business and IT courses
3. JD Edwards - all business and IT courses
4. SAP - all business and IT courses
5. Networking
6. Database management
7. The concepts of open source
8. Introduction to SOA
9. Web server – all you need to know
10. Infrastructure, architecture and environment management
11. Portals management

IV Marketing

1. Marketing Excellence overview
2. Developing target market strategy
3. Advertising and marketing on the internet
4. Dashboards Awareness
5. Competition

V. Others

1. Finance for non-Finance People
2. Marketing for Non-marketing people
3. Project management for non-project managers
4. Approaches to eBusiness

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