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If you happen to be the Chief Financial Officer you are definitely under pressure to ensure quick and accurate reports reflecting the financial status of the company.

Probably you feel the need to diminish the manual activities of you employes executed on spreadsheets when data is exported from different systems and then is collected in a single report and processed. You are aware how much time it takes to get a crucial report at the end of the month and often the credibility of the information is suspicious. Moreover the analytical value of the information is under question. Because you always want to have a look at it from a different perspective but that would require more time for your team to produce it.

With Methodia's Business Intelligence solutions or with the integrated analytical tools in the ERP systems you'll get a full automation of your reports, enhanced precision of the data and furthermore you'll decrease drastically the time to produce the reports. You can benefit as well from the dashboard views in our systems which will give the exact and most useful information. You can track cashflows, make reliable forecasts and have all reports in real time.

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