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Accounting is not only about making journal entries, assets, liabilities, equities, revenues and expenses or budgets. In many cases we have experienced that clients mostly wish to manage their accounting software and integrate it into the ERP environment so that both systems combine the efficiencies and deliver even more benefits. In the times of financial difficulties companies also are on the search for effective tools of Credit control that would enable them to keep their customers happy without losing money because of late payments.

Planning and managing the production cycle is a key functionality for every production company and is also a crucial module in any ERP system.

In the market you can come across many different solutions that are more or less set with business functionalities out of the box. MRP functionalities, integration with Sales and Purchase orders, Production planning, Warehouse management and connectivity and so on and so forth.

If you are into Marketing you'd surely know that it is probably the most creative and dynamic part of the business. Also it is required always to get ahead of the competition, to be able to take agile decisions, to be capable to look from different perspectives and of course to communicate all the time with your clients.

We are into marketing ourselves we know that many times the toolset you have is decisive for the successful outcome of your campaigns, your strategies to gain leads, to qualify them and the end not just to sell but to create and retain a happy customer.

We develop full range of HR solutions that can be an integral part of a whole ERP system or a standalone module that can be tailored to meet the needs of any company in the management of its most valued capital – People.

With Methodia's solution you can rely on a integrated approach towards your employees starting with remuneration management, leave scheduling, training, e-learning and many more. We can offer you a very scalable platform that can be suited according to your needs and then built upon to meet the enlargement of your company.

The availability of an integrated information system that monitors and optimizes the process of purchasing and delivery can lead do substantial decrease of financial and operational expenses.

Such a system can buyback the investment within less than a year approximately while at the same time can deliver full transparency in the management of relations with suppliers and business partners. What’s more, the managers can rely on negotiating the best purchasing prices from suppliers through the automation and control of the purchasing process.

For the sales force it is crucial to be able to track, forecast, and report on sales and team performance at any time. Analysis and reports are usually required quickly and for a specific purpose, and getting access to the information you need is often difficult and time consuming.
Do you know which products are your most profitable, and which customers are buying them?

We Methodia's solutions you can rely on full automation of your sales process which leads to increase in sales volumes and better relations with customers.

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Methodia can help the technological leaders in the company to diminish and optimize the IT costs, increase data security, improve the users' productivity and enhance the performance of all systems thus leading to outstanding business results.

Solutions from Methodia supply the Chief Information Officer with tools to monitor the status of the different IT systems, seamlessly integrate other systems into one working environment, control the data traffic and maintain high productivity and non-stop performance of all applications.

If you happen to be the Chief Financial Officer you are definitely under pressure to ensure quick and accurate reports reflecting the financial status of the company.

The Chief Executive Officer is bound to keep his hand on the pulse of the company at all times. In order to achieve that in a successful manner one needs a 360-degree view and visibility on every aspect of the organization. The CEO can require many different reports from his/her employees but nevertheless these might not be sufficient in many situations to give a reasonable answer to what's going on in the company.

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