Methodia Heart Foundation stands up for the autistic kids in Bulgaria

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On 19 January 2017, at the Rainbow Plaza Hotel, Methodia’s charity foundation Methodia Heart took part in the first fund-raising cocktail, part of the larger initiative called “Lend a helping hand to the different kids”, organized by the Autism Association under the patronage of the mayor of Sofia city Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova and with the support of Sofia Municipality and few other private organizations.

The funds raised during the event will be used for the expansion of the “Rainbow” day-care center, where kids diagnosed with autism get professional help and specialized therapy completely free of charge. This, in fact, is the only center in Bulgaria to provide professional services to autistic kids for free, and it is utterly important that the available physical space and spectrum of applied therapies is extended, so that more children with specific needs can attend and get the treatment they deserve.

The evening was underpinned by the presence of showbiz and sports celebrities, political and social figures. Some of the famous Bulgarian singers also joined the cause and performed live in front of the charitable audience. In the heat of the evening, Methodia’s Managing Partner and Chairman of Methodia Heart Foundation Evo Stefanov, took the opportunity to share his fondness for the kids and assured all supporters of the noble cause, that every little help makes a big difference in the life of the autistic kids.

Watch Evo Stefanov's emotional speech below:

Methodia Heart’s donation for the “Rainbow” day-care center is only one of noble causes that lie very much in line with the foundation’s scope of work. In the last five years, Methodia Heart’s main activities are focused on supporting the social integration and better standard of life of the kids deprived of parental care. State institutions fail to provide the necessary conditions for these children to grow and integrate seamlessly in the society they were once kicked out from, and this is where charity organizations like Methodia Heart put their efforts. We are really proud and happy to have contributed to the establishment of the Family-type Accommodation Center part of the “Olga Skobeleva” Social Service Complex in Plovdiv, the Girls Transition School and the Protected Home for children with disabilities, also part of the same complex.

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