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With its low costs and substantial benefits, including faster application deployment, greater flexibility and improved employee productivity, our Software as a Service administrators and developers provide a fundamentally better model to drive change for both the business and IT.

Leading organizations are using SaaS to bring solutions to supply chain management, common desktop applications and digital content creation software. Incorporating SaaS as part of the overall architecture in new business and IT operating models to improve operations and lower costs.

Our Cloud Management Administrators provide comprehensive services including:

  • Cloud Security Fundamental Architecture
  • Cloud Provisioning, Administration, Bursting and Interoperability
  • Strategic policy design for cloud usage and compliance
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategies for Cloud
  • Performance Measures, Monitoring and Optimization in Production
  • Federated controls and strategies for multiple cloud and non-cloud administration

Our experience with Infrastructure as a Service includes:

  • Deployment of Virtual Clouds, Virtual DCs and Virtual Networks
  • Virtual Storage Provisioning and Management
  • Cloud Infrastructure Benchmarking
  • Deployment Automation And Elastic Sizing Of Environments
  • Workload Definition
  • VM Deployment And Maintenance Life Cycle

Our expertise in Platform as a Service offerings include:

  • Deployment, Administration and Security of Cloud-Enabled Platforms
  • Application Container Management Issues
  • Cloud Broker Platforms

Our experts in Software as a Service support:

  • Cloud service catalogues and application marketplaces
  • Multi-Tenant Data Management
  • Full Application life-cycle deployment, management and maintanance

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