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Views of our BI Platform

In our approach to Business Intelligence Methodia identifies key goals, objectives, strategies and metrics throughout the organization and then monitors, reports and performance manages using an integrated approach to the organization with the use of Dashboards, Reports and Scorecards.

We support a blend on predictive,/proactive and reactive analytics to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses to reward success and identify areas for improvement. We apply an integrated data mart approach – the appropriate business intelligence platform can be very successfully used to also carry and integrate across heterogeneous applications.

Our BI dashboards employ visualization capabilities, such as maps, charts, and gauges to translate metrics and key performance indicators into a rich representation that users can easily understand. We provide users with powerful visual representations of performance measures that are easy to understand so that they can have an insight into the business progress at a given time.

The users who work most closely with performance measurement and management will be alerted to unusual, potentially problematic results and can create easily customizable views defined by data that is most relevant to them.

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